Build a better future

Learn at the limits of your imagination

The fact that you’re starting to picture yourself at WPI says a lot about you. You’re a creative type. A problem solver. You love a good challenge.

You’ll fit right in.

You’ll get far more than a degree out of your time here: get ready to explore the unexpected, collaborate more than ever before, and ultimately, fulfill your calling. We’re here to help you get there, wherever there may be. Schedule a virtual campus visit today, and start picturing yourself at WPI.

Built for flexibility

Want to double-major?

Find the co-op of your dreams?

Interested in earning your master’s degree—in five years, no less?

No problem.

The only true “WPI experience” is that there isn’t one—we want you to carve a path of discovery through your undergraduate years that leads to the career of your dreams. Here, you’ll utilize the WPI Plan to map out four years of academics that are entirely yours.

Each term is seven weeks long, giving you the chance to dive deep, experiment, even find a new passion. And with our no-fail grading system, you can take risks with no risk.

Sound good? We think so too. Learn more about us today before taking advantage of an application process that’s just as flexible as our academics. We can’t wait to meet you.

“The NR (no record) grading option is a big reason I took a chance on robotics. I never imagined pursuing it before coming to WPI, but now it’s my concentration.”

Renee Gruner-Mitchell, Sophomore Mechanical Engineering with Robotics Concentration


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Innovate the world

Make room for all your passions, from math and musical theater to robotics and rugby. Get a glimpse of how to thrive at WPI.

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