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Become the best version of yourself

College isn’t just courses and homework and projects. It’s also a time for you to rekindle old passions or discover new ones, step outside your comfort zone, gain experience in the wider world, develop strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and ultimately, grow into yourself as a student, a professional, a volunteer, an individual … and maybe even an underwater hockey player.

(Well, never say never, right?)

The specifics are up to you, but no matter what you decide to dive into, you’ll fit right into the inclusive, dedicated, quirky community that is WPI.

Interested in learning more about what makes WPI, well, WPI? Let us know! Fill out this form for more information, and schedule a campus visit today.

Find your people

Another thing people say about college? You’ll find your people, and at WPI, that happens fast. Whether they’re part of your Great Problems Seminar team, the professor of your favorite class, or even just someone you pass on the Quad, they’ll provide support, inspiration, and perspective as one of several built-in WPI support systems ready to help you thrive.

“As (a Resident Advisor), I have an open-door policy. Anybody can pop in and talk or work. I knock on doors, too, to see if anybody needs help with anything.”

Salvatore Lombardo, Junior Engineering Management


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